Susila: Our member from Mumbai

March 15, 2011

You do not have to speak English well to join our group.

Susila lives in Mumbai.  She regularly visits her son who is working in Australia.  This is her fourth visit to our country.  We first met Susila sitting in our library some three years go.  Soon she was an active member of our group, unravelling wool, crotchetting squares.

Now after an absence of nearly a year she rejoins us with wool and crochet hook in hand, sit down and resumes her place in our group. Who needs language when you have wool!

Susila’s words to us ” You come Mumbai!” 

 Well one day perhaps Susila. she will start a group in Mumbai!


2011 Blasting off!

February 8, 2011


        A total of 57 wraps have been delivered to

 ” Wraps Central”


  A big thank you  to:

Peninsular Central Coast Women’s Group

Dept. of Guardianship, Parramatta


St. Vincent De Paul local Branch

Our own Pennant Hills knitters and sewers up of squares

It is wonderful to see the wraps in cartons being loaded onto trucks for the trip to the aiport.  The last batch I saw were labelled for the Papua New Guinea Highlands.  It is women to women, men to men helping those in need.

2010 – Done and Dusted

January 15, 2011

It is high summer and most of our needles are sleeping in drawers.

 We had a great time in ’10, finishing the year  with a happy get together at Pennant Hills  Bowling Club where a great time was had by all.

 Fun at lunch

During the year :

   *We created two combined rugs
   *We were part of the WWL Knit-In
                                                                *Our total Aug . was 204 wraps
                                                               *No. of wraps delivered since Aug. 45

In the meantime our mission continues:

*There are wraps to collect from the Parramatta Justce Centre
*There are wraps waiting until the warehouse opens late January.

We will continue our knit 1, chat 2, laugh a lot meetings at Pennant Hills Library from Thursday Feb3 10.00am.

 Our Chrismas bouquet. We do it all!!

28 Wraps Delivered

October 9, 2010

We may have been quiet on the blog but we have still been clicking away. We keep the good work going.   Even 94 yr old Lois is working her aged fingers to    the bone sewing up any squares we can give her.

  On Wednesday we delivered 28 wraps to the   Wrap with Love organization – Herewith known as ” wrap central”.

The happy hardworking volunteers were packing wraps for Mongolia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and for newly arrived refugess to Sydney.

We are constantly amazed, delighted, and humbled to think that our knitting can do so much good.  Each week we meet in the library to chat and knit.  We are such a noisy bunch that some libray users sit close to us and listen to the goings on.   I think we are the entertainment on a Thursday morning.                                                                     

Knit in to Knit in

August 7, 2010

We all gathered for the annual Hornsby Council (NSW) Knit In held in Hornsby Library in Sydney.

 We brought along 94 yr old Lois. Jan was there while minding her grandson. Ninfa, Nora, and Nora’s mum from south America also helped on the day. The highlight for Lois was seeing a young boy with needles and wool helping our cause.

There were over 100 knitters young and old clicking away. Overall 730 wraps were handed in during the morning with our little group contributing more than 100 wraps.   Well done everyone!!

Overall this past year we have been able to supply over 200 wraps to help those who are cold.   As Sonia always said ” Cold humanity is our concern ”

Sonia Gidley King died a few weeks ago. Her last words were “The blueprint is in place. It is up to everyone to carry the work forward.” 

 Sonia we will do our best.

A Very Ordinary Day

May 16, 2010

On Thursday about 16 of us met as usual in the library. We chatted. We laughed.  Gloria who had earlier knitted beanies for the blokes  in a Hostel in Nowra had just returned from a trip to Victoria.  She brought a large amount of wool from Wangaratta Woolen Mills.  Jay stayed up til 1.00am winding the wool into balls.  So then we all had our pick of wool.   I grabbed the blue wool.

There was also a bag of squares wating fo us.  Then an Angel arrived with three wonderful wraps. Much discussion followed.  Our knitter had knitted 100gram balls of wool in strips of STOCKING STITICH (gasp!) It works. she knitted a garter stitch around each strip and then around the wrap. Looks great!      Another great knitter. Another great idea

Not babies on the doorstep – blankets

April 30, 2010

I had these beautiful blankets arrive at my doorstep. They are a wonder.